Dalay Affentanz 2017 Affezibbel Hell (52 x 5) Limited Edition



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“Hell” doesn’t always mean what you think 😉 Enjoy the Affezibbel Hell’s creamy, sweet brioche toastyness.

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Affentanz (German, n.: monkey dance)
(German, adj. bright, lightly colored)
Begrenzte Auflage (German, Limited Edition)

“Hell” doesn’t always mean what you think 😉

The original release of the Affentanz 2017 Affezibbel with a broadleaf wrapper was very popular and we were curious to try the same blend with a nice and brightly colored Connecticut wrapper. The Affentanz 2017 Affezibbel Hell was born. Since we are not into cigars that taste too mild we shortened the size by half an inch to a size of 52 x 5 to intensify the progression of flavors. Now every puff produces an explosion of taste without being too heavy on the palette. It is remarkable how much just one leaf can change the taste of a cigar. The Affezibbel Hell’s aroma profile has a distinct creaminess and sweetness with toasty brioche notes.  We hope you will enjoy it with a bit of cheekiness.

The original Affentanz 2017 Affezibbel description:

The house Dalay present the Affentanz 2017 Affezibbel cigar in a limited run.

The word “boring” does not register with the Affentanz. The cigar commands attention. Who ever pays it such attention will be handsomely rewarded. The Affentanz manages to stay interesting at any point in time. The cigar constantly gains in body and flavor while evolving its aromas with each puff. It starts off mild and quickly develops serious and complex aromas ranging from dark chocolate and roasted nuts to exotic fruits.

The dark and spicy-sweet Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper is in tune with Dominican organic tobaccos and a very rare tobacco from Brazil’s northeast. The taste profile of the blend is smooth, spicy, sweet and diverse. Our cheerful Affentanz is cute and playful most of the time. By the middle however, the cigar becomes more serious and primal. In the frame of a medium sized Piramide (52 x 5.5) it has the character as well as the long and complex evolution of a Double Corona. We have named the beautiful Belicoso Vitola “Affezibbel”. The word Affezibbel is derived from the specific area in Germany where the Dalay company resides and roughly translates to “monkey tail”. Ten of these monkey tails are in each of 500 bunches (boxes) and are ready to be picked by Aficionados and Aficionadas.

In the heart of the Dominican Cibao valley the boutique cigar atelier Zauberberg (German, n.: magic mountain) is located next to beautiful Caribbean mountains and rivers. With greatest care and diligence Zauberberg’s craftspeople create its debut, the Affentanz 2017 Affezibbel Limited Edition. Our own Master Blender Michael Grossklos and several luminaries of the cigar making business develop concepts for cigar bands, boxes and extraordinary tobacco blends.