RoMaCraft Weaselitos–Wunderlust Bundle



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Check out our new bundle of 15 Weaselitos and 6 German exclusives from Wunderlust.

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This sampler has three German exclusives and fifteen weaselitos to familiarize yourself with some of the RoMaCraft Tobac line up. Get to know the small but powerful Weaselitos. They are pre-cut fiery and fiesty. If you like bold cigars with a lot of flavor then look no further.

The Wunderlust Sampler: has 15 Weaselitos with: 5 Mexican, 5 Broadleaf, 5 Ecuador and 6 Wunderlust with: 1 Wunderlust Toro, 1 Wunderlust Robusto, 1 Wunderlust Petite Belicoso, 1 Wunderlust Fiorella, 1 Wunderlust Gran Perfecto and 1 Wunderlust Petite Gordo.

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