are you Looking for cigars available only from germany?

Then DALAY is the right spot for you

Looking for cigars available only from germany?

Then DALAY is the right spot for you

This is Why we do it

Everyone of us is crazy about good tobacco and finds great joy in sharing this amazing social activity to spend our precious time together. Be part of our passion and get into tasting the last single aroma that stick has to offer. We also make our own cigars and have the youngest German Master Blender on staff.

We are all in this for the taste of tobacco but each of us has his own taste and favorites in cigars. Check out our tastings on Youtube for ideas and inspirations on what to get next. Specialties that are only sold in Germany could be your next stop.

Have you been to our shop yet? We are small and fiesty. We speak English well enough to get ourselves in trouble and to help you find what you are looking for. If you have the chance to visit Saarbrücken on the French border, give us a shout and stop by for a smoke or five. We may even take you to lunch. The food here is incredible. We also have amazing spirits you can try in our liquor section but that is a whole other story 😀

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Due to the pandemic, packages take much longer now than usual. If your order is overdue longer than 8 weeks, please, let us know. A high ranking official at the USPS had this to say to DHL: „We do have a backlog at NJ NDC, which processes all inbound surface parcels […]. Currently they have a delay of approximately 250,000.“ We hope your package is processed in a timely manner and that you receive your order as quickly as possible. We are making sure that your cigars will be packed in the safest possible way and reach you unharmed. If you package has not been delivered by 8 weeks time, please let us know. Before that point we can hardly do anything but wait. 

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