Casa de Torres

In the 1980s, Philipp Schuster started his journeys to Brazil, Cuba and later on to Nicaragua, Honduras and so on. One of the first people he met in Central America was, besides Nestor Plasencia, Carlos Toraño. In 1998, Toraño started producing the first longfillers for the Schuster Company under the brand name Casa de Torres. At this time, someone, called Esteban Disla, was working in the Toraño factory and was already involved in the Casa de Torres project. Today, Disla is the partner of Skip Martin in Nicaragua and leads the production of the RoMa Craft cigars in their factory Nica Sueño in Esteli. The connection between Schustercigars and RoMa Craft Tobac started a few years ago, when Philipps daughter Annemarie lived a few month in Nicaragua and met Skip Martin. Schuster then started importing the RoMa Craft cigars to Europe.

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