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Dalay Connecticut Super Gordo


With a ring gauge of 70, the Dalay Connecticut Super Gordo is currently unrivaled in Germany. Thanks to its large volume, it offers about 45 to 60 minutes of enjoyment.



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Sometimes, we call it ‘Thumper’. 

The Dalay Connecticut Super Gordo is a mild to medium bodied long-filler cigar. It is ideal for beginners or carefree enjoyment throughout the day. The Dalay impresses with its mild yet full taste. When lit, it unfolds an earthy bouquet. Subtle spice notes accompany the pleasant smoking pleasure. The cigar is characterized by its careful construction and excellent burn.

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Wrapper: Ecuador Connecticut Shade
Binder: Indonesia Sumatra
Filler: Ligero Dominican Republic Criollo 98 (Canela) Broadleaf USA Pennsylvania Viso Dominican Republic Olor Dominicano Seco Dominican Republic Piloto Cubano (Cinema)
Length: 4″ (102mm)
Ring Gauge: 70
Aroma: Mild
Strength: Easy to medium

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