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DALAY Lemur – Coffee Mug


The most versatile coffee mug ever created.


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When the Dalay Lemur grins so cheekily from the cup, drinking makes it even more enjoyable. Our latest achievement from the Dalay Design Elves proves versatility and creates the right mood. The cups of Dalay cigars are completely different than any other coffee cup 😉 We use them for delicious coffee, tea AND for a refreshing “cold drink“. Made of high quality ceramic and holds up to 11oz.

So we make our “cold drink” others say “gin & tonic”:

– 4 to 6 ice cubes (depending on size, ours are huge, 2 pieces are sufficient).
– 4 cl Meister Lampe Dalay Gin stir until the mug is very cold.
– Pour in one bottle of Fever Tree Tonic (200 ml). Be careful not to lose too much carbonation.

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